Tsukubusuma-Jinja Shrine

Chikubushima Shrine (main shrine of Tsukubusuma Shrine)
The main shrine (a Japanese national treasure) is the remains of Fushimi Castle which is located in Kyoto, and visitors can catch a glimpse of Momoyama art in the sliding doors, pillars and transoms. Especially important are the paintings on the sliding doors and ceilings which are said to have been done by Mitsunobu Kano.
Kawarake-nage (plate throwing) which was described in the Tale of the Heike can be done from the Worship Hall. When a wish is written on an unglazed small plate and the plate is thrown toward the torii gate standing on the rocks, it is said that the wish will come true if the plate passes through the torii gate.
* The inside of the main shrine is closed to visitors.
Chikubu Island, Hayazaki-cho, Nagahama City, Shiga Pref.
[Public transportation] 5-min. walk from Nagahama Stn. of JR Biwako Line and 30 min from Nagahama Port by Biwakokisen
[By car] 15 min from Nagahama Interchange of Hokuriku Expressway and 30 min from Nagahama Port by Biwakokisen
[Parking] 30 parking spaces at Nagahama Port are available.
Free of charge. Island entry fee: Adults: 400 yen Homotsu-kan (treasure hall): 300 yen For the latest information on facilities and admission fees, contact us directly.
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